Why hire a learning designer?

Why hire a learning designer

With the proliferation of easy to use elearning platforms like Thinkific and Articulate Rise 360, organizations might be asking why they need the services of learning designers. Since these platforms offer many pre-made templates, wouldn’t subject matter experts be able to create courses directly into these platforms? Furthermore, since these platforms tend to favor video-centric …

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h5p image juxtaposition banner

H5P Image Juxtaposition

Before and after images The Image Juxtaposition type is a great tool if you want learners to scrutinize “before” and “after” images. As a  hastily assembled demonstration, I converted a color image of an Australasian swamphen into monochrome. Check of how colors are rendered as shades of gray by dragging the slider. p.s. Scroll down …

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Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning 3rd Ed

Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Most learning designers are familiar with Richard Mayer’s Twelve Principles of Multimedia Learning but his Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning is not as well known.  That theory not only describes how the cognitive system processes multimedia content to produce learning but also highlights the limitations of the cognitive system. And Mayer’s theory is “based on …

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H5P interactive video

H5P Interactive Video

Inject interactivity into video content The ubiquity of streaming video platforms like Youtube, the proliferation of mirrorless cameras capable of producing high quality video, and the availability of sophisticated video editing software have resulted in torrents of video content coming online every second of every day. While a very small fraction of that content has …

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Brnaching Scenario video collage

H5P Branching Scenario Part 2

A non-coventional use of the Branching Scenario type ~ In my last blog post, I talked about how the H5P Branching Scenario content type significantly reduced the cost of developing video-based simulations. Since H5P is a platform to create interactive web content, it has also made video-based simulations far more accessible. H5P’s Branching Scenario can …

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