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I can help you with

Designing eLearning programs

I can design your eLearning programs from a single lesson to an entire course. I’ll analyze your project and apply the relevant learning theories to achieve the desired outcomes. My design toolkit contains the following learning theories and models: Backwards Design, 7Cs, SOLO, Constructive alignment, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Five Stage model, Conversational Framework, Social Constructivism and Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning.

Developing eLearning products

I construct engaging learning products such as interactive videos and scenario-based simulations using the H5P platform. H5P is an open source Javascript library that allows one to create rich interactive web content without coding. It’s compatible with LMSs such as Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle. It also works seamlessly with the WordPress and Drupal CMSs.

Creating podcasts

Podcasts are really popular now. And while most are designed to entertain or inform, podcasts can also be great for learning if they are designed appropriately. I’ve been directing and producing research and academic podcasts since 2006, and I can create a podcast series that will resonate with your learners.

Creating video products

Would you like to turn a collection of video material into a coherent learning product? I can edit your videos and inject commentary to provide context and connect what may appear to be disparate ideas.