Kelvin Param

Learning Designer

I build better learning

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I'll help you develop more effective eLearning programs

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Learning Products

I construct effective learning products such as interactive videos and scenario-based simulations using the H5P platform. I also create podcasts that engage the learner.

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Learning Design

I'll analyze your project and apply the relevant learning theories to achieve the desired outcomes. In my design toolkit are the following learning theories and models: Backwards Design, 7Cs, SOLO, Constructive alignment, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Five Stage model, Conversational Framework, Social Constructivism and Mayer's Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning.

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About me

I am an experienced learning designer and developer with university qualifications in eLearning design, psychology and information technology. I've worked for a variety of organizations including the higher education sector and the civil service. Additionally, I have extensive experience in leading technology projects, IT management and podcast production.


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