eLearning Products

Leadership and compassion

Insert learning activities and notes into videos with H5P’s Interactive Video content type. It’s a great way to breathe life into video recordings of lectures and seminars to better engage your learners.

H5P is an open source platform that allows one to create rich interactive web content without coding. It’s compatible with LMSs such as Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle. It also works seamlessly with the WordPress and Drupal CMSs.

Perspectives on leadership

While H5P’s Branching Scenario content type is usually used to create simulations, I’ve repurposed it and created a video-based learning product that is built from several video lectures. It’s great for tapping into different perspectives on a topic.

Development studies

Podcasts are really popular now. And while most are designed to entertain or inform, podcasts can also be great for learning if they are designed appropriately. Here’s an example of a podcast episode that could be used in a development studies curriculum. 

Education Technology

Combining excerpts from a variety of video sources and subsequently injecting commentary can create powerful learning products.


This is a walk through of a storyboard for an online psychoeducation program that I developed for a hypothetical client. In this case, I did the storyboarding inside the Moodle LMS.