H5P interactive video

H5P Interactive Video

Inject interactivity into video content

The ubiquity of streaming video platforms like Youtube, the proliferation of mirrorless cameras capable of producing high quality video, and the availability of sophisticated video editing software have resulted in torrents of video content coming online every second of every day.

While a very small fraction of that content has been created specifically for learning, there is lots more material that can be retrofitted for education and training purposes.

Regardless of the intended purpose, most of the video content in cyberspace is not interactive. So when learners watch passively, they can experience frequent lapses of attention and/or they may have a tendency to overestimate their understanding of the material accompanied by inflated confidence of their grasp of the subject matter. (Pulukuri & Abrams, 2020).

H5P is an interactivity platform that allows one to develop interactive web products. Its Interactive Video content type enables one to inject interactivity into just about any piece of streaming video content without coding. 

In the example below, I’ve added interactivity to a video lecture by psychologist Daniel Goleman – of “Emotional Intelligence” fame. 

Do you have a collection of videos that could do with a shot of interactivity? How will you use the Interactive Video content type in your learning programs?

Pulukuri, S. & Abrams, B. (2020). Incorporating an Online Interactive Video Platform to Optimize Active Learning and Improve Student Accountability through Educational Videos. Journal of Chemical Education, 97 (12), pp. 4505-4514. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c00855

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